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How To Register Courses, Check Result And Pay School Fees Online

GSU Registration Procedure
GSU Registration Procedure

Gombe State University: How To Register Courses, Check Result And Pay School Fees Online

The management of the Gombe State University (GSU) has released the registration procedure for the 2020/2021 academic session. 

GSU Registration Procedure for New Students

  1. Visit the University website www.gsu.edu.ng
  2. Click on the “Registration” link and select “Undergraduate“.
  3. Use your JAMB No. as your “username” and “gsu2021” as your default password in the login request region.
  4. Once you successfully log in, you are required to COMPLETE your personal PROFILE information.
  5. Afterwards, click on the “Pay Registration Fee” link, and select the PAY option of your choice e.g Bank Branch or online payment.
  6. After you have successfully made your payment, go back to STEP 3.0 above, to access your Registration details Form (CAUTION: print the form or note the details of the form, for further action in STEP 7 below).
  7. You can now use the NEW Registration No. you obtained in STEP 6.0 above as your “username” and the default password “gsu2021”, as your password to log in again and change the default password.
  8. Once you have successfully logged into your personal page again, click on the “Courses Registration” link to register your Courses.

NB: Core Courses are automatically registered first before Elective Courses. Also, the Total Credit Units to be registered cannot exceed the Maximum of 24 Units per Semester

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