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How to Delete Slack Account: Fast Trick

You want to learn How to Delete Slack Account? Slack allows users with full access to their account profile and as such can delete or deactivate their account.

Having too many digital accounts have been proved to increase your risk of data being misused or stolen.

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to delete unused accounts. The best reason is to prevent criminals online from reusing your information to try to log in to other web services.

About Slack

Slack is a proprietary business communication platform developed by American software company Slack Technologies. Slack offers many IRC-style features, including persistent chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging.

However, when you want to get rid of an online account, many sites don’t make it easy. Some sites make it practically impossible to delete your account and data from their database.

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In this article, we have provided you with the best guides and steps on how to delete your account account successfully.

How to Delete Slack Account

1. From your desktop, click your profile picture in the top right.
2. Select View profile from the menu.
3. Click More, then select Account settings.
4. Scroll down to Deactivate account, then click Deactivate your account
5. Enter your password and select Confirm Password.
6. Click Yes, deactivate my account.

You’ll receive a confirmation email once your account has been deleted. This process typically takes a few minutes, but it may take longer.

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