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Bobrisky denies ever dating Mompha

Instagram star, Bobrisky, debunks allegation about her dating Mompha

These allegations about Bobrisky dating Mompha started early hours in Saturday and it has already caught attention of the Controversial crossdresser.

Mompha, reacting, threatened to sue Oye if she fails to debunk the news insisting that he loves only women and happily married.

Few minutes later, Bobrisky went on a live Instagram session with Mompha and Daddy Freeze to address the claim he’s dating Mompha.

According to him, he’s just close friends with Mompha and has nothing else.

Bobrisky said: “I and Mompha are just close friends, I don’t know what people are saying. Even his wife knows we are just friends.

“How can you just sit in your house and scatter someone’s home and expect your home to be in peace? This is the last time I’ll address this.”

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